Monday, January 20, 2014

Foreo Luna Mini Review Update

My Month 1 Update

Hi loves!
So I want to say it's been about a month since I purchased my Foreo Luna Mini!
And since most reviews are based off of 3 days results, I wanted to continue with updates!

One common question I've been asked is 'And has your skin purged yet?'
Yes, my skin has purged. All the not-very-noticeable bumps, under the skin bumps, basically came to a head.My forehead was covered in under the skin bumps, (it's been this way since I was little, but they're not very noticeable at all, so they never bothered me.) and they all came to a clear. 'Baby acne' as some like to call it.  These are not milia bumps, nor do they resemble milia. 

Have I experienced any new breakouts?
Nope, other than traditional purging my skin has not have any break outs. Normally my skin breaks out around my period, and to be honest I expected it to, and was very surprised that it didn't. As of now I've gone a full month without any new pimples, blemishes, or break outs.

Does it help with scarring?
Yes! I'm pretty sure it does help with scarring. Like I said in my previous posts, I have this weird unknown if acne or reaction on my cheeks. (One is literally a perfect diagonal line going up.) And they are now almost non-existent.  I actually HAVEN'T been using any serums to help or any other product other than washing my face. I did ,however, two days ago started incorporating masks and sulfur again. And they have both sped up the process of purging and cell turnover and scarring. 

I wanted to share this photo. I used a traditional, drug store makeup remover and then went ahead and applied my cleanser and deep cleansed with my Luna Mini... Look at all the dirt that it missed! Gross!

I'm very happy to say that my skin has continued to improve. I very much do enjoy the thought of never having to worry about breaking out again, plus it lets me slack on my skin care and gives me extra $$$$ to spend on make up and other silly things!


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