Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nail Strong Remedy

How I keep my nails strong and free of breakage. 

Almost every lady out there loves the thought of having long, strong, beautiful nails. For me, personally, good genetics not only gave me long beautiful slim fingers, but long nails.

I always read about how the women in my dad's country (Dominican Republic) would dice garlic into tiny pieces, and let it sit in a nail polish bottle for about 7-10 days.
When a friend of mine went to Columbia, she came back with a plethora of the same strengthening nail polishes, going on about how she loves to use it and how the over priced crap they sell here in the states never works or compares. (I believe her, I had an OPI one and it sucked.)

I didn't pay too much attention, until recently a best friend of mine who loves to cook had been making lots of dishes using garlic. She always comes to me about beauty advice, so it wasn't any surprise when she asked me if Garlic helped with your nails.
She generally has short, near the base bitten finger nails. I've known her since we were 11 years old, maybe younger so I know she's never had long nails.
Her nails in particular were very long, not as long as mine as I have long fingers to begin with ( so even if I cut my nails they still look long. ) and were very strong and healthy.

Facts about Garlic:

Natural Anti-Oxidant, and helps aide in cleaning. 
Helps keratin production in your skin and nails.

My remedy bible mom said of course garlic helps, she used to do it all the time. This is the instructions my mom gave me:

  1. Get any clear nail polish, it can be any cheap clear top coat, or you can get a strengthening type. As long as it's one you are willing to use. I went with the strengthening type since I already have it at hand. 
  2.  Dice up the garlic into really small bits, you want it to be able to fit into the nail polish bottle. I find that it helps to push it in with the nail polish brush 
  3.  Close it tight, let it sit for 7-10 days.  
  4.  Everyday, apply a coat of nail polish. You can start off with a double coat
  5.   After a week, remove the nail polish and start all over. You can also use it as a base coat underneath your nails if you decide to paint them.
Another way to incorporate Garlic in your nails is to rub it in.  

My personal take on this:

While gaining the benefits of garlic, I noticed that by applying a coat everyday acts as a protective barrier between your nails and the natural environment. Think of it as a protective bubble for the nails. If you literally peel it off after a week, you'll see it literally comes off as a whole which is cool, but I don't recommend you peel off polish.
My nails didn't break because of it, and they were allowed to grow. As a matter of fact after doing it for a week, I decided to clip my nails off and start fresh. I didn't realize how much pressure I had to apply to my nails to clip them off, I was rather surprised. 


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