Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All About My Hair Care!

Products I use

Not Pictured:

One N' Only Argan Oil Styling Cream  | DIY Hair Treatments ( I will be posting more soon! )

My Routine 

My hair is very curly, and when it dries it's about the length of a bob. These products have been part of my hair care regime for awhile. The above pictured products I have been using since I was 12-13 years old. I did stop using hair care products in general for about 2 years, and now that I have started incorporating products into my hair again I have to say that these are still at the top of my list. 
They do carry an expensive price tag, but they are quality products.

Hair Washing:
Because my hair is very curly, the only way for me to style it is through washing it. I don't use shampoo, only conditioner.
I usually apply a generous amount of my conditioner in my hair. I do not wash it all out.. I detangle my hair using a paddle brush. 
I detangle my hair before washing as well. Because I do not rinse out all of my conditioner my hair is rarely tangled. 
I like using Tresmme because of the slip it has for detangling. It also leaves my hair very soft.

After washing: The first product I usually apply is my oil serum. I then follow with either one of the two hair creams listed above.  

Hair Masks:
I use the strengthening mask about every 2 days( As stated in the instructions. ) every night. I do a DIY Hair mask about every 3-5 days and leave it on for about an hour with a shower cap on, so that they heat helps penetrate the product deeper. 

Heat Styling:
I always use a heat protectant serum for my hair. I currently use the one listed above ( My stylist also uses it. ) which leaves my hair very soft and silky. I do flat iron my hair at the highest temperature, and I am saving up for a hair bonnet.


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