Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hair Care: Protein Treatment

I do alot of natural hair treatments, mainly because I don't want to spend money just to feel softer hair. A lot of marketed hair treatments are really just composed of slip agents and silicone. So while your hair feels nice afterwards,  it has not improved in health.
I gave it a go to try the Aussie Three Minute Miracle since there was a lot of hype. My hair did feel softer, but only because it was just coated in silicone and slip agents. There was and will never be improvement in its health.

It's summer here in Miami so our garden is blooming, it's also raining every day sometimes two times a day for the entire two months. Which means the occasional thunderstorm that will knock fruit down and sometimes branches that are filled with fruit. 

One of our avocado trees lost a branch and now we have an abundance of avocados. 
So with all these avocados available I went ahead and whipped up a protein treatment to strengthen my hair. 

What you need 

A very ripe Avocado ( Protein, Vitamins, Moisture ).
Mayo or Egg Yolk ( Protein )
Honey or Glycerin ( Humectant )
Oil ( Optional, I used coconut oil ). 


I cut my avocado in half and added it inside my blender. 
I blended the avocado by itself, so that it would be creamy. You can mash it up as well but I prefer to blend it so that I don't have chunks of avocado in my hair. 

I then added in Mayo, and Honey. I put my spoon of honey over heat so it's more of a liquid than gooey. 
Alternatively you can use Glycerine ( which i honestly forgot about ) since it has that perfect consistency. Glycerine is relative cheap at about $3.00 at Walmart. 

After blending all the ingredients together I went ahead and dampened my hair. Hair is more porous when its wet which is why often times conditioning treatments are done when your hair is being washed. 

I parted my hair in two sections and working from my ends upwards I covered my hair in the treatment. 

 I clipped my hair up and used a plastic bag over my head. I like to use bags more than shower caps since I actually need my shower caps. 
I went ahead and put a head band on the edges of the bag.. Then I pulled the head band tight so that it was firm enough so that the treatment wouldn't drop down on me and tied it. 

I let my treatment sit for about three hours.. Just running any house errands. Afterwards I washed it out and noticed that there was a significant  improvement on my hair and my ends, along with shine. There was alot less fall out on my hair when I washed it. 

I love this treatment and have always had it done for years. If you are going to treat your hair with heat then this is a great treatment to do to prep your hair. 
Feel free to throw in some other fruits like Banana. I threw in pieces of mango so that my hair wouldn't smell so much like avocado. 


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