Sunday, April 5, 2015

Manuka Honey for skin care review

Raw honey is usually quite beneficial to the skin and reviews online usually claim all kinds of crazy things. I decided to splurge and jump for the honey after my skin esthetician gave me the thumbs up.

While you can gain benefits from any raw, unfiltered honey I jumped for Manuka Honey. 
It's imported from either New Zealand and Australia from the Manuka Tree.
Manuka Honey is used as an alternative medicine and is applied commonly as a wound dressing. 
Honey is known to have antibacterial and antiseptic properties which makes it great for skin types like mine.

I went out to my local farmers market and bought myself a jar of Manuka. I got the larger size for $33.00.

My skin dries out pretty easily just through the use of a cleanser, particularly my cheeks. Instead of using just my cleanser alone, I mixed 1/1 of my cleanser and manuka honey together.

The amount of dryness in my cheeks decreased significantly, skin had a healthy glow to it after cleansing.

I applied a thick layer of Manuka Honey as instructed per the esthetician and left it on for 15-20 minutes. My face felt sticky and things did get messy.

My skin tone appeared much more even oddly. Consistent use of manuka honey as a mask cleared up my brown spots and acne marks.

I mixed a fine salt together with Manuka Honey.
After leaving it on as a mask, I added a teaspoon of salt in my hands.. rubbed my hands together softly and exfoliated my face.

Smooth, glowy skin and even out skin tone texture. 

Use of Manuka honey was a blessing for my skin.
The amount of sensitivity in my skin decreased, and the amount of redness, inflammation and size of any acne seriously shrunk down, especially when left on as a mask and as an overnight spot treatment.
While Manuka Honey is an expensive buy, I have already gone through 4-5 jars of this stuff. 
I have even eliminated my cleanser ( on days I am make up free ) and just use manuka honey and salt. 
Manuka Honey has wonderful properties (far too many) and it seems to be a staple in my skin care.


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