Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sulfur Ointment for Acne Review

Sulfur Ointment for Acne

I wanted to make a post just to kind of put this product in the spotlight.

Generally, when it comes down to treating acne. Usually Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide also known as BP, and Tea Tree Oil take the limelight.
Rarely, will someone ever mention using Sulfur... unless you specifically search it up.

After developing cystic acne on my cheeks, I tried everything from Salicylic Acid to Tea Tree Oil based treatments. Then I went the all natural route doing all sorts of DIY's. They helped my complexion, and some swelling, but not my acne.
I am grateful for what I had to suffer. Now I can look at products, and base on how well it works on ingredients and not on recommendations.
So I went with what my doctor once suggested years ago. Sulfur.

I bought this little tub of Sulfur Ointment at my Local Grocery store in the medicinal section  where the ethnic/hispanic product shelf was at for $3.99.

Information on Sulfur for acne:
• Has been used for over 50 years. 
• Used back in the ancient times in hot springs where people would bathe themselves in Sulfur to help treat skin aliments.
• Sulfur has a keratolytic effect which is similar to salicylic acid which helps remove/exfoliate dead skin cells
• Believed to be great for mild to moderate acne, black heads, white heads, and acne scarring. 
• It is anti-bacterial


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