Friday, May 2, 2014

Common Beauty Myths

Here is a list of the top Beauty Myths! I created this such a long time ago on Beautylish, I figured it'd make such a nice blog post ♥

So I decided to put together a list of common beauty myths.
Bottom line: The truth is the truth!

#1 Shaving will make my hair grow back thicker
Your hair grows in follicles beneath the skin, and nothing you do to your leg hair on top of the skin can change its diameter or the number of follicles. Hair that hasn't been cut is wide at the base and is thinner toward the tip. Shaving cuts the hair off at the base where it is widest. When the hair starts to grow back, it seems coarser since that softer, thinner end has been removed. 

#2 XYZ product help make pores smaller
Pore size is genetic; therefore your pores do not actually shrink. You can fill in your pores with certain foundation primers and use other products that help give off the allusion of shrunken pores. But, just like foundation is the illusion of perfect skin, so are pore shrinking products. 

#3 Tooth paste can help zap zits.
While toothpaste can help dry out zits, the benefits are short-lived. Your skin will become more irritated, and in the end can cause it to appear worse. Stick to a regular treatment. 

#4 Cutting your hair will make it grow faster
Although cutting your hair is good to make it appear healthy and to avoid split ends, in reality it will stay the same length if you continue to constantly get It cut. Keep it to a minimum and when you need to. 

#5 Eyeliner makes your eyes appear smaller.
Properly applied eye liner will make your eyes appear larger. Eye liner applied on the upper lash line can instantly wake up your whole face. Liner on the lower lash line or water line (inner eye) can do the opposite, depending on the size of your eyes. A little trick to open up anyone’s eyes is to line that lower inner eye with a white or flesh-colored pencil. Your eyes will be bright and wide open.

#6 Drinking water keeps your skin from drying out
What keeps skin moist is oil, not water. Granted, drinking water does have it’s health benefits and is needed. But, your skin can still look dry even if you drink 8 glasses a day. 

#7 Vaseline can make your lashes grow
Vaseline can only simply, condition your lashes. Vaseline does not promote hair growth. What makes people ignorantly believe their lashes are longer is through the fact that the application of Vaseline on the lashes makes it appear thicker and moisturized. Kind of like how mascara makes your lashes appear like they’ve grown longer yet they haven’t is the same way as Vaseline. It’s more a mere illusion of longer lashes that causes many to believe that they are growing. In fact, the viscous jelly could actually plug glands on the inner rims of your eyelids that produce tears, flush out debris and fend off infections.

#8 Shampooing fades hair color
False, at least 80% of hair color fading is caused by water, alone.

#9 Make up causes acne
There is no research indicating that makeup or skin-care products cause acne, and there is no consensus on which ingredients are problematic. Still, women do experience breakouts after using some skin-care products. Such breakouts can be the result of an irritant or an inflammatory response, a random skin reaction, or a result of problematic ingredients unique to a person's skin type. That means you have to experiment to see what might be causing your breakouts. There is no information from medical research or the cosmetic industry to help or point you in the right direction. And it is critical to know that terms such as "noncomedogenic" and "non-acnegenic" are meaningless. The cosmetics industry uses these terms to indicate that a product is less likely to cause breakouts, but there is no standard or regulation set to categorize this labeling. Any product can make this claim, even pure wax or vegetable shortening.

#10 It's good when your products cool or tingle skin
That’s your skin actually telling you that its irritated. 

#11 Your skin will eventually adapt to beauty products and they won't work anymore
Skin doesn't adapt to skin-care products any more than your body adapts to a healthy diet


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